Rocket U2 Services

System Administration

Our experience with Universe and Unidata (ROCKET U2) goes back almost 20 years. An integral part of our services is the availability of specialist administrators to assist and manage a client's operational facility. The environments we cover include: IBM AIX, Solaris, Sun O/S, HP/UX, SCO, Microsoft Servers & Rocket U2 products (Universe/Unidata). The service we provide covers all aspects of system administration and includes the housekeeping and development of internal procedures for eventual transfer to client staff (if appropriate).

Our system administrators can assist in the following areas:

  • Security administration and profile configuration
  • Capacity Planning
  • Change Management
  • Scripting and automation of tasks
  • Development of Back-up & Restore Procedures
  • Development of Start-up/Shutdown Procedures
  • Performance Monitoring
  • System Integration
  • Network Services configuration and implementation
  • Help Desk
  • Hardware Configuration including storage, printers and other peripherals
  • IT Asset Management
  • Database Configuration
  • System Optimisation and Tuning
  • General System Housekeeping
  • File Resizing
  • Coniguring and managing Transaction Logging
  • Data Replication
  • UV/Net administration

Application Development

At Hexagon we have extensive experience in the Rocket U2 (Universe/Unidata) nested/extended relational database market. We have been involved in application development on these specific platforms for over 20 years. This has ranged from new development, enhancements/modifications to client systems, client/server development and the development of our own productivity tool set including : Hexconnect(Middleware product ), Hexresizer(File Resizing software ) , Hexquery (Windows based report generator). We have developed application software for a wide range of industries, including: Insurance, Banking/Finance, Government, Payroll & HR and Health Systems. So if you are looking for specific application development skills realted to Universe/Unidata, please feel free to contact us.

Migration Services

Since its formation Hexagon has specialised in the conversion and migration of multivalue databases (Prime, Universe, Pi/Open, Pick, Unidata, Reality) from one platform to another.

The requirement for these types of conversion have occurred for a number of reasons:

  • Obsolescence and cessation of support for specific databases
  • Merger of database platforms by acquisition
  • Changes in operating environments
  • Licensing costs
  • Hardware changes/Upgrades

Our experienced consultants have been converting to and from these platforms for the last 20 years. By adopting a standard conversion methodology together with our in depth knowledge of the various platforms and specific differences, we have successfully converted large (500+ users) and small systems for a variety of organisations.