IT Infrastructure

IT Infrustructure consists of all the components that are needed to deliver IT services within the orgnaisation.

The IT infrastructure's sole purpose should be to support the organisation's mission and should be:

■ fault tolerant, especially where dependency exists
■ scalable - i.e. can increase in size and functionality if so desired
■ providing the maximum 'Return On Investment'
■ secure, which is more important now than ever before
■ adding value to the business

Whether you are building a new ICT Infrastrcuture or looking at improvements to your current infrastructure including consolidation, rationalisation and standardisation we can help. We can assist in devloping an ICT strategic plan for your organisation that is aligned with your current and future business objectives.

We work with you to define your optimum IT infrastructure, and then generate an architectural blueprint for creating it. Key to our success is collaboration. We take onboard your present and projected business needs, and produce solutions aligned to these, while at the same time maximising your resources.
Our formal approach brings discipline and structure to IT infrastructure management. It ensures that the development of IT architectures and deployment technology infrastructures are well-planned, well- deployed and well-managed.

Adopting such an approach:
* Reduces duplication of effort
* Ensures adherence to standards
* Enhances the flow of information throughout an information system
* Promotes adaptability necessary for a changeable environment
* Ensures interoperability among organizational and external entities
* Maintains effective change management policies and practices