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We have been providing IT services in Australia since 1994. Our skills and expertise are across multiple platforms and businesses and include: project management, application development, IT security, system administration, system migration, ICT infrastructure development & planning and business continuity planning . Our collaborative solution based approach has been the foundation of our success and has enabled us to develop long term trusted partnerships with our clients. We initially provided specialist skills in the multi-value market (ie Universe, Unidata, Revelation, Pick. Reality). This led to the development of a number of our own off the shelf products: Hexconnect (Middleware product), Hexquery (windows based report generator) and Hexresizer. Over the years we have embraced changes in technology and have continued to adopt new ICT paradaigms and best practices into our business.


Our experience spans across a wide range of different industries and clients. We have been involved in projects ranging from large system migrations, systems deployment, new infrastructure implementation, data warehousing projects, application development, network implementations, systems administration & management and business continuity.

Our Clients have included:

  • Amcor (Manufacturing)
  • A.S.M Industries (Manufacturing)
  • Australian Taxation Office (Government)
  • Axa
  • Cellarmaster Wines (Manufacturing/Distribution)
  • Email Metals (Manufacturing)
  • First Australian Building Society (Now part of Bendigo Bank)
  • Futuris Automotive (Manufacturing)
  • Health Computing Services (IT)
  • Hewlett Packard(IT)
  • Hospitals Superannuation Board (Superannuation)
  • IG Index (spread betting )
  • Police Association Credit Co-Op (Banking/Insurance)
  • Queensland Polic Credit Union
  • Scalzo Food Industries (Manufacturing/Distribution)
  • Simon Engineering (Manufacturing)
  • Telstra (Telecommunications)
  • Timberbuilt (Manufacturing)
  • Members Equity Bank (Banking/Insurance)
  • New England Credit Union (Banking/Insurance)
  • Victorian Teachers Credit Union (Banking/Insurance)

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Hexagon Technology Pty Ltd
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Tel: +61 411 703 787

email: info@hexagon.com.au